Embers in the Deep

War In The North…

The Union is dissolving. Disagreements and petty feuds have fractured the alliance of men and dwarves. From the west, the Confederacy of Padar encroaches upon the lands left vulnerable by paranoid lords and dissatisfied barbarian tribes.

Slowly, Padar captures city-state after city-state, offering lands and glory to tribes that would bear their banners. The lords and chieftains of The Union are each unwilling to put forth troops to stop the Confederate advance, each of them believing such responsibilities outside of what should be expected of them.

So for 7 years they have fallen. One after another. Bending knee to the Elector Generals of Padar as they expand across the North of Threiaphar.

Fleeing South

The Principality of Rianth wants no part in the war in the north. They remain neutral but have shown a deep disapproval of Padar’s expansionism and The Union’s lack of cooperative cohesion.

Rianth, in participation with The Order of The Light and The House of Leaves, has been sending food and supplies to the starving and subjugated populace in the occupied Northern Territories.

Refugees by the hundreds flee south into Rianth every month, forcing Meridian, the capital of and northern most city in Rianth, to set up massive camps to house the displaced northerners and keep them from overwhelming the city.

Martial law has been enacted in Meridian, a curfew set in place and a decree sent out that all Rianthian Citizens must carry proof of citizenship at all times or else be deported to the refugee camps.

Many of these refugees have chosen to cross the Tithing Sea, hoping to find a place to call home in Khaldr, the new world.

brb Reclaiming Khaldr…

Meanwhile, the Dwarven Clans have struck out once again across the Tithing Sea to reclaim that which they were forced to abandon many decades ago: Khaldr. Offering passage to any willing to cross the treacherous ocean, many find themselves seeking a new life in this savage new land. In droves, people from every race, creed, belief and culture are making the journey.

Some come to kill orcs for silver. Others come to experience the vigilante freedom of an untamed wilderness. But all will come to know that some places should be left unclaimed.

The Masks that Make Us

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